“She was fantastic in the courtroom”

I hired Marta Noriega-Allen to represent me in my high-conflict divorce case and she did a fantastic job. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone in need of legal services. My case went to trial and she was fantastic in the courtroom and even was commended by the judge on her organizational abilities. She went above and beyond on my case and is extremely knowledgeable about the law. No stone was left unturned. You need the best when it comes to your kids and your life and she is it!

“She helped me focus, prioritize, and define what was best for my small children and me”

Marta helped me to successfully navigate the most difficult time of my life. She helped me focus, prioritize, and define what was best for my small children and me. She showed creativity in negotiation, wisdom in her advice, and a great deal of unexpected compassion. I highly recommend Marta.

“She changed my life!”

I have worked with Mrs. Noriega-Allen for the past 18 months on a divorce case that a previous attorney really messed up for me. I cannot rave enough about this attorney! She is extremely knowledgeable and really helped my case. My case wound up going to a 2 day trial and she was excellent in the courtroom. Even the judge commended her organizational skills. Mrs. Noriega-Allen is also very compassionate if you are the type that will need a little hand-holding while going through one of the most difficult times of your life (I believe she told me she also had a degree in counseling). She will return your phone calls in a timely manner (my previous attorney was awful with this). Everyone on her legal team that assists her is knowledgeable and helpful. After hiring an attorney who almost ruined my life I wish that I could yell out to everyone in need of an attorney to hire Marta. Her legal expertise truly changed my life and was worth every single dime. I am a female, but I have learned through my conversations with her that she represents a lot of men as well. Please don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong attorney when dealing with matters of your children and family like I did in the beginning. That was a costly experience in more ways than one. I am so thankful that I had Marta represent me and I will continue to use her in any future legal proceedings that I may have come up. I highly, highly recommend her.

“I have referred two people to Marta…”

…This was a first experience for me and I did not have any frame of reference in my mind as to how to proceed. Marta was excellent at tempering my anxiety, setting realistic expectations and steering me in the right direction.

“I honestly sleep better at night knowing that Marta is a phone call away”

Marta Noriega-Allen represented me during my divorce several years ago; if you have ever been divorced or are considering one now, you know how stressful the entire process can be. Well, stressful and – if you don’t know what you’re facing – terrifying, to be honest! I feel so blessed to have been given Marta’s name and number by another satisfied client. As soon as we spoke and I understood my rights and what to expect, the relief that I felt was unbelievable. Marta did a great job of reassuring me during a difficult time.

Also, and perhaps more importantly, Marta has continued to support me incredibly well during ongoing child visitation and support issues. I honestly sleep better at night knowing that Marta is a phone call away.

“Very professional…”

…and did an excellent job explaining complicated legal matters to us. She and her staff always kept my husband and I in the know regarding timelines and fees and everyone stayed on the same page.

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Former Counselor and Experienced Litigator

Former Counselor and Experienced Litigator

by Noriega-Allen Family Law, LLC

Marta Noriega-Allen is an experienced litigator who has handled more than 350 cases in the Atlanta Metro area. A frequent recipient of client legal choice awards, Marta’s clients’ depend on her to…

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